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Allow us to welcome you to McKee Properties, San Diego’s preferred property management and leasing solution. For over forty years, our driven pursuit of perfection has benefited thousands of renters and property owners with our unique, dedicated approach built on a relentless commitment to exemplary service. Entrust us with your properties and watch us fill vacancies faster and streamline management for enhanced efficiency.


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    At McKee Properties, we stand poised to deliver a broad spectrum of management services tailored for both commercial and residential properties. Our team of licensed leasing professionals is at your service seven days a week, offering personalized care to your future residents. Our strategies, built around private showings, accelerated leasing processes through online rental applications, and convenient credit card payment options, consistently amplify our success rate in attracting and retaining residents.

    Discover San Diego: Your Dream Locale

    Step inside the captivating world of San Diego, where nature’s grandeur intertwines seamlessly with urban allure. San Diego is renowned for its supreme surf conditions and tranquil sandy shores, endearing it to both fervent swimmers and leisurely sun seekers.

    More than just a beach city, San Diego teems with a range of refreshing activities. The city boasts several reservoirs, like El Capitan, that offer an array of recreational pursuits such as boating, fishing, and hiking. Not to mention San Diego’s consistent sun-kissed climate, sparkling beaches, and a diverse array of tourist attractions – from the enchanting Belmont amusement park, the lush Balboa Park, the globally celebrated San Diego Zoo, and the thrilling San Diego Zoo Safari Park to the marine wonders of SeaWorld San Diego. The city’s rich offerings make it not just a powerhouse of tourism, but an ideal location to call home.

    Property Management Success: Our Services, Your Triumph

    At McKee Properties, your property’s success mirrors our commitment to effective property management. Our diverse array of services include:

    New Tenant Screening: Through our all-encompassing “Triple Check” underwriting system, we meticulously screen incoming residents via credit assessments, eviction history examination, criminal background checks, and verification of employment/income.

    Rent Collection: Our sophisticated account handling systems promise trouble-free rent collection. We employ electronic banking services for timely income distributions to your preferred bank account. With our online owner’s portal, you can stay updated with real-time income and expense status of your property.

    Cost-Effective Maintenance: Trust in our in-house maintenance wing, Certified Property Maintenance (CPM), for competitive pricing and efficient services. Our licensed and insured maintenance staff assure superior quality work and swift completions, enhancing your earning potential.

    Tenant Relations: We are acutely aware of the value of tenant satisfaction at McKee Properties. Our resident surveys, online maintenance request system, and dedicated personnel ensure quick and effective resolution of issues. For properties under a homeowner’s association, we bridge the gap between residents and the HOA, enforcing rules and guidelines as necessary.


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    Experience the McKee Properties advantage – connect with us today to understand how we can customize our services to meet your specific property management needs. Whether you’re interested in learning more about our pioneering strategies or are ready to entrust your property with us, our team is ready to assist. Contact us at (619) 435-7780 or visit our website to schedule a personal consultation. With McKee Properties, unlock your property’s full potential – together, let’s redefine success!