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One of San Diego’s Favorite Neighborhoods: McKee Properties knows North Park

McKee Properties: Your Trustworthy Rental and Property Management Partner

Dive into the vast range of professional and creative solutions offered by McKee Properties in North Park. With our rich experience spanning over 40 years, we’re the trailblazers in property management and leasing, serving countless property owners with our unique blend of innovation, dedication, and commitment to noteworthy service. Leave it to us to fill your vacancies quicker and manage your properties with unparalleled efficiency.


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    McKee Properties: Offering Perfect Blend of Residential & Commercial Property Management

    We at McKee Properties bring to you exhaustive management services for both commercial and residential properties. Our team of licensed agents is at your disposal, guaranteeing personalized and devoted care for your future residents. We let private showings play their magic and provide a swift leasing process with online rental applications and credit card payment options. This simplified methodology has remarkably amplified our success rate in resident conversion.

    Discover North Park: The Jewel of Metro San Diego

    Unearth the charm and vibrancy of North Park, a spirited city located in metro San Diego. Whether you’re contemplating relocation or exploring real estate investment opportunities, North Park unfurls an atmosphere that won’t stop short of mesmerizing you. An eclectic and diverse community, dynamic urban aura, and an enriching cultural scene are just a few of the many facets that make North Park stand out.

    Home to a varied mix of people, including young professionals, artists, families, and retirees, North Park offers an invigorating and inclusive environment. It’s a veritable hub of Arts and Entertainment, offering numerous art galleries, live music venues, and theaters. From striking street art murals to local cultural performances, North Park always has something awe-inspiring in store.

    With a mix of single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums, North Park caters to different lifestyles and preferences. The unique blend of historic craftsman-style houses and modern developments adds to the distinct character of the city. Renowned for its culinary scene and local dining establishments, North Park is also well-connected to major highways and public transportation, ensuring easy commuting and access to other parts of San Diego County.

    McKee Properties: Delivering Comprehensive Property Management Services

    At McKee Properties, effective property management stands at the core of our offerings. Our array of services ensures the growth of your investment:

    New Tenant Screening: With our rigorous “Triple Check” underwriting system, we conduct comprehensive screening of potential residents, including credit checks, eviction history searches and criminal background checks.

    Rent Collection: We leverage advanced accounting systems to guarantee hassle-free rent collection. Our electronic banking services facilitate on-time income distributions. Our online owner’s portal keeps you informed with real-time income and expenses data for your property.

    Cost-Effective Maintenance: Trust our vetted third-party maintenance vendors to perform the best overall maintenance services on your property.

    Tenant Relations: We prioritize resident satisfaction. Our resident surveys, online maintenance request system, and dedicated staff ensure prompt and effective issue resolution.


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    Experience the distinct advantage of McKee Properties’ management expertise firsthand. We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can customize our services to cater to your unique property management needs. Whether you’re curious about our inventive methodologies or ready to hand over your property to skilled professionals, we’re thrilled to connect with you. Reach out today at (619) 435-7780 or visit our website to set up a personal consultation. Let’s work together to unlock the full potential of your property!