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McKee Properties stands as a premium property management and leasing company, devoted to serving the Bonita community and other locations in San Diego, CA. With more than four decades of experience, we have assisted numerous renters and property owners with their leasing and management necessities, solidifying our position as a market leader. Our modern approaches and commitment to quality ensure your property attracts the right tenants quickly and is managed seamlessly.


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    Comprehensive Property Management for Residential & Commercial Properties

    McKee Properties provides a full suite of property management services for both commercial and residential properties. Our team of professional leasing agents work 7 days a week to guarantee your property is always attended to. We realize that the weekends are often the busiest times for leasing, hence, we readily adapt to the schedules of potential residents for private showings. Our leasing process is further simplified with our online rental applications, enabling a swift and smooth process.

    The Beauty of Bonita: Centrally Located with Breath-taking Views

    Bonita, California presents a unique blend of modernity and serenity that truly makes it a coveted destination for tourists and residents alike. Despite being an unincorporated community, Bonita has all the requisite amenities that ensure a high standard of living for its inhabitants. The community boasts a well-developed infrastructure, making it easy to navigate and access the various attractions in and around the area. The city’s location couldn’t be more strategic, as it is wedged between San Diego, National City, and Chula Vista, making it a prime spot for those who desire the convenience of city living without the hustle and bustle of an urban center.

    One notable aspect of Bonita is the numerous equestrian trails found throughout the city, particularly in the Lower Sweetwater Valley, that cater to the horse-riding community and provide ample opportunities for leisurely strolls.

    These paths are frequently monitored by the Bonita Valley Trails association, which ensures they remain in pristine condition for the residents to utilize. Furthermore, the Sweetwater Reservoir borders the east side of Bonita, offering not only a serene atmosphere but also a host of outdoor activities such as fishing and paddling. The Chula Vista Municipal Golf Course and its surrounding walking trails are other popular places that residents frequently visit for fitness and relaxation purposes. The presence of these unique features, coupled with the gorgeous scenery and weather, make Bonita, CA, a prime destination for exploring the great outdoors and enjoying the finer things in life.

    Our Exceptional Services: Simplifying Your Property Ownership Journey

    McKee Properties goes the extra mile to provide exemplary property management services that safeguard your investment and amplifies your returns. Our suite of services includes:

    New Tenant Screening: Prospective residents undergo a rigorous screening process with our unique “Triple Check” underwriting system. This includes credit checks, eviction database searches, criminal background checks, and employment/income verifications.

    Rent Collection: Our innovative electronic banking system guarantees prompt income distributions, with ACH or wire transfers going directly to your chosen bank account. You can readily access your owner account 24/7 via our online owner’s portal to keep track of rent payments and other expenses.

    Economical Maintenance: We offer cost-effective maintenance services through our in-house maintenance division, Certified Property Maintenance (CPM). Our state-licensed, bonded maintenance technicians are educated to adhere to the industry’s best standards for quality workmanship, ensuring quicker turnaround times and preventive maintenance recommendations.

    Tenant Relations: We highly regard our residents, and strive to ensure their satisfaction is a top priority. Our resident surveys and online maintenance request system allow residents to provide feedback and request non-emergency maintenance 24/7. Our committed staff is readily available and equipped to assist residents with any discussions or queries during their tenancy.


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    Experience the distinctive property management expertise offered by McKee Properties. Whether you’re a property owner in need of dependable management services or a potential resident in search of a new home, our team is always ready to assist. Contact us at (619) 435-7780 or visit our website to arrange a personal consultation. Let us help reveal the full potential of your property and deliver a stress-free renters and property ownership experience.