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Introducing McKee Properties: Your Key to Successful Property Management

Step into the world of McKee Properties, the authority in property management and leasing in Point Loma and its environs. With over 30 years of experience, we are dedicated to serving property owners with innovation, relentless commitment, and unparalleled service. Count on us to fill your vacancies faster and ensure your properties are managed to their optimum potential.


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    Your Partner in Residential and Commercial Property Management

    At McKee Properties, we offer comprehensive, top-tier management services tailored for both commercial and residential properties. Our licensed leasing agents are available seven days a week, ensuring personalized and meticulous attention for your potential tenants. With our private showings, expedited online rental applications, and card payment options, we offer a streamlined service that boosts our success in tenant acquisition.

    Experience the Allure of Point Loma

    Welcome to Point Loma, a picturesque haven tucked on a peninsula in Ocean Beach, San Diego. This piece sets out to provide insightful information for those who are interested in moving or acquiring properties in this coveted area. Point Loma is a beautiful blend of majestic coastal vistas, deeply rooted history, and a lively community, offering a unique living experience that merges the allure of a beach town with the convenience of proximity to San Diego’s heart.

    Point Loma’s beauty lies in its captivating coastal location that offers the residents impressive views of the water and the San Diego skyline. It’s a paradise for water enthusiasts and nature lovers, thanks to its close proximity to gorgeous beaches and coastal attractions. Its rich history dating back to the arrival of Spanish explorers is another feather in its cap, with several historical landmarks that allow residents and visitors to delve into the area’s past and appreciate its cultural significance.

    Not just natural and historical attractions, Point Loma is also a buzzing community with an array of amenities. Charming shops, eateries, and cafes catering to various tastes paint the neighborhood. The local farmers market is a popular spot, marking the community’s vibrancy with fresh produce, artisanal goods, and a dynamic atmosphere.

    Property Management Services Ensuring Prosperity and Peace of Mind

    McKee Properties is dedicated to providing effective property management services fine-tuned for your investment’s success:

    New Tenant Screening: Our proprietary “Triple Check” underwriting system thwarts any risks, meticulously screening prospective tenants with credit checks, eviction history searches, criminal background inspections, and employment/income verifications.

    Rent Collection: Our state-of-the-art accounting systems facilitate hassle-free rent collection, while our electronic banking services ensure timely income distributions, sent directly to your chosen bank account. Stay updated with real-time income and expenditure data for your property available on our online owner’s portal.

    Cost-Effective Maintenance: Our internal maintenance department, Certified Property Maintenance (CPM), offers competitive, cost-efficient services. They guarantee superior workmanship and swift turnarounds, optimizing your income potential.

    Tenant Relations: Understanding the significance of tenant satisfaction, we offer resident surveys, online maintenance request systems, and a devoted staff to promptly address any issues. For HOA properties, we mediate between the tenant and the HOA, enforcing rules when necessary.


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    Discover the McKee Properties difference. Let’s explore how we can customize our services to meet your unique property management needs. Whether you’re keen to learn about our innovative strategies or ready to entrust your property to proficient hands, we’re excited to connect with you. Contact us today at (619) 435-7780 or visit our website to set up a personal consultation. With McKee Properties, the possibilities for your property are infinite!