The holidays are officially upon us!  As you get ready to celebrate the season with holiday parties, decorating the house, or traveling out of town, it’s important to remember that there are some unique risks that can occur in your home this time of year.  Here are some useful tips to help mitigate these problems to ensure you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season:

Fire Safety: The holidays are a popular time for lighting candles and building fires.

  • It’s critical to never leave candles lit while leaving the house or going to bed, and make sure fires are completely burned out.
  • Another safety tip is to ensure your Christmas tree is getting plenty of water.  A dry Christmas tree coupled with holiday lights can lead to disaster if not monitored.  Remember to water the tree regularly and turn off the lights when leaving your home.
  • Exterior holiday lights can also be a potential hazard.  Ensure that the lights are designed for outdoor use and that they are not touching any flammable materials.

Property Theft:  Property theft increases dramatically during the holiday season.  Burglars know that this is a busy time of year for families, and that many homes are sitting vacant while residents are out of town visiting loved ones, attending holiday parties, etc.

  • Keep a close eye on your home and be aware of suspicious activity.  Try leaving a light on while you are gone, or if you know you will be returning home after dark.
  • If traveling out of town, have a neighbor collect your mail and put your newspaper delivery on hold.  Another tip is to have a neighbor park in your parking space until you return.

The holidays should be exciting, and if you follow these tips mentioned above you will be on your way to keeping your spirits high this season!  For more tips on fire/public safety, try contacting your local fire department or law enforcement agency.

Keeping Your Home Safe this Holiday Season
Keeping Your Home Safe this Holiday Season